Our Roasts

Certified organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee.


Mix of: Continental • Ethiopian • Sumatra

A sophisticated combination of 3 dark roasts – creating a fine cup of coffee blended to hit all the notes.

Dark Roast


Mix of: Continental • Ethiopian

For the people that like more heavy bite to their coffee, without the bitterness. Using this unique combination of 2 dark roasts, the BOLD creates a full, heavy fulfilling cup of coffee.

Dark Roast


Mix of: Ethiopian • Sumatra

This blend creates a unique bittersweet smoothness in your mouth. By using the Ethiopian (Mocha) for the initial bite, the Sumatra (Java) takes over to leave a wonderful rich chocolate after taste. Deep, rich, tangy, exotic and winey character roasted very dark.

Dark Roast


Mix of: Sumatra • Guatemala

A great cup of coffee, perfect and real smooth after any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner. This blend truly describes the characteristics of what a well balanced cup of coffee should taste like. Sweet and Spicy with a perfect body and fruity undertones.

Medium Roast


A superbly aromatic medium bodied coffee with mild winey undertones.

Light Roast


These superior beans are naturally decaffeinated using a Water Process Method without the use of any chemicals. This process gently absorbs the caffeine contained in coffee, and carries it away while leaving oils, and other flavor components intact. This results in a mild bodied coffee with a lively aftertaste. Our process removes the caffeine and leaves the flavor.

Medium Roast


Peruvian coffee of the highest quality, harvested from the heights of the Andes. Medium roasted to give a rich full cup of with subtle fruity/nutty undertones.

Medium Roast


Mix of: Central America • Indonesian

A truly delicious blend. Our Espresso is a unique blend of coffees made from the very best Central American and Indonesian coffee beans, as well as South American varieties. Our Espresso Roast has a heavy complex character with just a hint of sweetness and a thick full crema top layer.

Medium-Dark Roast


From the lush, fertile soils of Gayo Mountain, produced in limited quantities this shade grown organically processed coffee is triple picked to ensure perfection. A truly amazing cup that showcases the best characteristics of Sumatran Coffees. It is deep, rich and complex with a smooth, sweet finish; and a noticeable chocolaty background when cream is added.

Dark Roast


The dark roast transforms this Colombian coffee into a rich heavy bodied cup.

Dark Roast


Highest grade Ethiopian coffee with a tangy, exotic and winey character roasted very dark. A bittersweet, full bodied, ebony colored bean with smokey nuances.

Dark Roast